Plascencia Borders

We are located in Gold Country northern CA. and we also have property in Southern California. My husband and I have 5 children, ages 5, 8, 12, 13 and 14. this is a family buisiness witch allows us to make sure that all our dogs live in a home and family environment where they get the love and attention they deserve. We raise pet quality puppies. All of our Border Collies are part of our family, never kenneled. We are big on socializing puppies. All of our dogs are super friendly and will meet you in the driveway to greet you!

All dams and sires are purebred and health tested.
Puppies are born and raised indoors. We start them with Early Neurologic Stimulation and they continue to be exposed to the love and noise of a young family. Starting at 4 weeks they get daily time outside meeting cats, other dogs, goats, and seeing larger livestock, horses and cows, although they are not allowed close for safety sake. Our pups tend to be very confident and well socialized. We do everything we can to give them their best start to excel in homes with their furever families.

Our pups make excellent family dogs that would excel in herding, agility, fly ball, disk, dock diving, barn hunt, other dog sports, obedience, service dogs, and active family companions.

Our puppies are dewormed every 2 weeks, receive 2 rounds of Neopar and 1 Neovac vaccines before going home, microchiped, come with a safety collar with chip ID tag, a signed health guarantee, 30 days free health insurance through truepanion and a puppy bag which includes a bag of their food, and a comfort blanket with mothers scent.

We look forward to introducing you to your new family member. Now accepting deposits. Please call or text us to reserve your new Border Collie Puppy!
~The Plascencia Family